Scribble is a program that I originally wrote in 1990 using the Zippy graphics package (a project from college). I had the code on an old Packard Bell computer with a corrupted hard drive whose first two sectors had been deleted. Last year I wrote a program to reconstruct the Packard Bell C paritition-- a whole ten megabytes-- and recover alot of programs I wrote between 1988 and 1993 when the disk went bad. Rediscovering my work has been great "archeaological" fun. Any way, Scribble was one of the programs I rediscovered. This program was originally written in C but I recently ported it to Java and have added several new features.

Some features have not yet made it into the Java version-- the original program including rotating the color map which made for a more psychedelic look, but I don't think that can be done in Java. Also, the original program allowed the user inputs (change color, clear screen, turn reflection on and off) to be saved and replayed as a script.


Scibble tries to mimic a person scribbling on a sheet of paper using flowing smooth curves-- that is no abrupt changes in direction causing sharp angles. The buttons allow you to change color, reflect scribble point around the X and Y axis, change the number of scribble points (i.e. pens scribbling), reset, and pause. I haven't thoroughly tested with different browsers, so it's possible it may not work for some (more like probable knowing the history of browsers).

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