Set is based on the popular card game of "Set". It is not quite a polished project, but the most interesting aspects are there. This version of set is played with an inifinite deck of cards, so the game never ends :-).


A game is begun by dealing twelve cards face up on the table. Each card has a symbol on it. There are three different characteristics of each symbol on a card-- shape, color, and fill. Each characteristic has three possibilities. The symbol shape can be lightening, ovals, or diamond. The symbol color can be green, red, or blue. The fill is solid, striped, or clear.

The objects is to form sets from the cards on the table. A set consists of three cards, where for each charateristic either all three cards have the same value or all three have different values. For example (diamond, blue, clear), (lightening, blue, solid), (oval, blue, striped) forms a valid set-- but (diamond, blue, solid), (lightening, blue, clear), (oval, blue, clear) is not a set becuase the fill charateristic is the same for two of the cards.

To select a card for a set, left click the card. Clicking a second time clears the selection. If three cards are selected which form a set, 3 points are awarded and three new cards are dealt to replace the selected set. If the selected cards does not form a valid set, 3 points are deducted and the cards are unselected.

"No sets" can be clicked when it is thought that no valid sets can be made from the dealt cards. If it is the case that there are no possible sets, three new cards are dealt. If a set is found when there are more thayn twelve cards dealt, no new cards are dealt to replace the matched set.

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